Volume 1

Volume 1




Table of Contents


Evolving Intellectual Property Protection in the World: Promises and Limitations
Masaaki Kotabe

Harmonizing eBay
Walter O. Alomar-Jiménez

The Remaining Hostility Towards Arbitration Shielded by the McCarran-Ferguson Act: How Far Should the Protection to Policyholders Go?
Mariana I. Hernández-Gutiérrez

2009 SEC Proxy Amendments: A Problematic Solution to Shareholder Director Nomination
Nicholas D. Harken

La acción derivativa como mecanismo de control y monitoreo en Puerto Rico
José F. Gierbolini Bonilla

The Credit Crisis and Subprime Litigation: How Fraud Without Motive ‘Makes Little Economic Sense’
Peter H. Hamner


Creative Copyright for Creative Business
Hiram A. Meléndez-Juarbe

Litigating the Gray Market: An Intellectual Property Approach to Curtailing Parallel Imports
Isabel Torres Sastre


Abandoned and Unclaimed Property Law in Puerto Rico: Potential Impact on Businesses
Francisco J. Rodríguez Bernier

Puerto Rico Supreme Court Issues Opinion on Taxation of Severance Payments – Treasury Issues Related Guidance
Juan L. Alonso

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