Volume 3 – Issue 2

Volume 3 – Issue 2




Table of Contents


A Critical Look at Western Perceptions of China’s Intellectual Property System
Brian J. Safran

Choice of Law in Foreign Currency Debts: A Comparative Study
Yehya Badr

Consumer Financial Protection Post Dodd-Frank: Solutions to Protect Consumers Against Wrongful Foreclosure Practices and Predatory Subprime Auto Lending
Christopher K. Seide

Sharing Media on Social Networks: Infringement by Linking?
Jean G. Vidal Font

Uso de las redes sociales: ¿Justa causa para despido?
Rina G. Diaz Nota

Trademarks and Political Speech
Anabelle Torres Colberg

Puerto Rico Housing Incentives Policy: Analyzing Government Sponsored Housing Incentives in Puerto Rico from 2007 to 2011
Carlos Infante Gutierrez

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